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Guest from Colorado at FHG

Rent an American

The First day with Teddy

My friend Nedime and me picked up our guest, also called Ted, at Betzingen train station in the morning. We talked and got to know him better on the way to school. When we arrived there we divided into groups and had a tour of our school with him. After we were done he gave a presentation of his city and state. We asked questions and found out a lot about Denver, Colorado. When he was done we said goodbye and he went back to Tübingen where he is studying at the university.

The second day with Teddy

This time Chris and Samuel picked him up at the station. When they arrived at school we divided into groups again and prepared information for individual topics about the USA, e.g. Big Cities, Death Penalty or (Un-)Healthy Food. After that we gave short presentations about what we found out. He asked questions and we were able to answer the most of them. And he had even more Information about some of the topics that were very interesting. At the end our teacher took a picture of some of our English class together with Ted as a memory to look back to. It was a great experience and we were glad we met him.

Meri, 8a

Teddy's the one in the middle, dressed in black